Religion and Real World

Yayınlandı: 31 Ağustos 2011 / ARDA İŞ: Yazılarım

        For most of us; religion is a quest of the meaning of life which lasts for a lifetime or maybe forever; everyone needs something greater than him/her to believe for the interpretation of  his/her own life. Debates over the question where the religion/belief started first, keep its secret like the mystery of how the world was created first. We have access to most of the knowledge of these questions from the holy books that are brought to prophets by God.The truth is while we try to make our life meaningful, we loose the depth of the subject. What ever you believe – God, Holy books, prophets- or what ever religion you are belong to – Islam, Christianity, Judaism- they all have some practices and rules that you have to obey. First of all, all the sacred religions have some common rules that we also apply into universal morality e.g not take a life, not to steal, to be honest and so on. Where the religions differentiate one from another is always in the application and practice; how you pray or where you go to pray (mosque,church,temple). All the sacred religions have the same end; either you go to a heaven where the rivers are made of wine or some other kind of holy drinks and there are any kind of pleasure that you have avoided during your earthly life. On the other hand, there is hell; where is full of flames, you burn with your sins and you are punished by devil till eternity. Two extreme places are defined in all holy books to describe the power of God and how he is watching us all the time.

       If we accept the whole situation as I indicated above, it looks very simple what we have to do and not. But does real life simple enough to explain everything that we have to overcome? Development in technology, especially in last two decades; have shown us that the life (biologically or physically) is not that simple that we think. The progress in medicine had proved that many diseases that we believe  they are coming from a power outside the earth- superstitions- were actually mental and physiologic diseases that are caused by malfunction  of our brain. E.g a 19 years old girl who was willing to study medicine and had a successful academic and social life has changed suddenly her attitude toward her life and became a drug addictive and  irresponsible individual. Her family  brought her to a neurologist to find some possible answers about her behaviors; after some tests and research, the doctors found a tumor on her prefrontal cortex ( the place where we are taking rational decisions) . The amygdala took the place instead of this part of her brain.(Amygdala is the place where we are taking our decisions emotionally). So the conflict between two part of her brain made her more aggressive,irresponsible and pushed her to misbehave. An extremist about the religion, can make the conclusion that she is paying the cost of  her sins or worse if she had lived  just three centuries ago, she could have been executed because of her behaviors.

             One may argue that the world is not fair at all, and it can be a true conclusion after all we have seen until now. But connecting bad situations to God’s punishment or poetic justice can be just a way to omit what we have done to the earth. People who argue whether we are actually animals which are evolved in time or the God is created the earth and our creature, are the ones who can have access to this kind of knowledge. But for example, if we consider that over a billion people are living in famine and lack of water, then we may ask the question where is the poetic justice- the justice of God- . So even we have money and all the other possible access to food and water, we can still ask more -naturally-. Besides we can still complain about what we have and don’t have.At that point, if we think about to those who are not even able to consider these possibilities, so what will happen to them? They will be punished by God just because they couldn’t pray or they didn’t do the necessities of religion? But an other counter argument against this can be ; these kinds of people will be judged in a different manner when they died. So to be a believer is a really hard situation if we consider all of these questions  above. But still, we may not say that God is unfair. May be; God let the human being evolved and actually he is not watching us at all, and he may say that what happened in earth was totally a human fault. If the exploitation of countries and resources had never happened, the people wouldn’t be so miserable and poor.

            In conclusion; if we are looking for true justice and freedom, before the prayers and God, we should turn to ourselves and look at our insights to find the possible problems and its solutions. Faith and belief must be combined by our perspective of life and then we may ask help to God for our salvation and justice. The belief without questioning the fundamental reasons what is going on in the world can be just a useless effort  to reach the meaning of our lives.

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