Iran’s Nuclear Program vs U.S

Yayınlandı: 27 Şubat 2012 / ARDA İŞ: Yazılarım

              Since Iran’s secret nuclear program has revealed by a spokesman from National Council of Resistance of Iran  in 2002  toward to produce nuclear energy and build nuclear plants, U.S has always claimed that the program is indeed an effort to make nuclear weapons and Iran is a certain threat for the world.

         Ironically, the nuclear program was started by U.S and some western European countries such as France and Britain in the mid 50’s. The aim was obvious; U.S was considering Soviet Union as a communist threat and It had to neutralize this threat and empower its dominance in the Middle East by supporting Islamic countries; Iran, Iraq and Turkey. The investments and money aids to these countries was the part of  ”Middle East Project” of U.S. After 1979, Iranian Revolution that toppled the Shah, Iran had stopped the program till the Soviet Union had collapsed. States was monitoring Iran’s actions permanently, and the U.S government has been always suspicious whether Iran was developing nuclear weapons or nuclear energy. Actually, between two states there is an obvious trust issue. With the Gulf War First and Second, States showed  persistence on the Middle East besides Saddam Hussein, when he came to power, he got the full support of States. But the same States was destroying Saddam’s kingdom  by claiming that he was producing mass destruction weapons. After 9/11 attacks, that was an easy task to create a mayhem in the Middle East for States.Islamic organizations in the Middle East was certainly a threat for Uncle Sam’s security. As It can be remembered, not so far from today, States occupied Iraq’s territory and killed Saddam Hussein. Israel is another factor, why States insists on the Middle East and especially on those countries which have issue with Israel. 
          During the Cold War, States and Soviet Union were using ”deterrence strategy” in order to prevent the threats. Both parties were aware of  a nuclear war could have irrevocable consequences. In that frame, It can be seen that the nuclear weapons are just a way to hold power in their hands but nothing more, because it is known that the sum of nuclear weapons in the world is enough to kill every one on the earth. But States create tension in the Middle East by using the nuclear weapon discourse to defuse Iran and percieve these lands as a gate which is opened to oil sources. With the elimination of Usame Bin Laden in Pakistan, new enemies must be created to sustain the existence on the territory for States.Almost a month ago, a scientist who was in charge for the Nuclear Program in Iran had been killed by a bomb attack in his car. It shows States intention for nuclear program  even U.S falsified such an action with an absolute refusal. If the situation in the Arab countries is taken into consideration , it can be said that the circle around Iran is getting smaller. With uncertain position in Syria and continuous chaos in Iraq after the evacuation of U.S army, the peace in the region became difficult than ever.
          Are the trade restraints necessary over Iran ? Maybe, If they have an intention to produce nuclear weapons, the reactions seem quite reasonable. But the ultimate question; If the superpowers develop nuclear weapons and ready to use them, why they are against Iran’s nuclear weapon program? Because Iran has the same right to sustain its internal and external security. It seems that the biggest problem lies under the will of power and money. As long as the area remains as a source of oil and contains other energy resources, the conflict and invasions will last until there is nothing left to consume. 

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