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Chuck Palanhiuk, is a postmodernist and minimalist writer who is well-known by his book “Fight Club” which is also filmed in 1999. While his books seem a resistance and rebellion against the system, he actually  points out the inner-self and the meaning of existence. Today’s populism and the existence stands on the values of beauty and material focused life are his main objects of his books. His complicated and time to time sexual content of his writing may disturb the reader. Because of this content, he is rejected so many times by publishers. His first novel,  “Invisible Monsters”  talks about a beautiful girl who is earning her life by modelling and has growing fame, but her life changing by an accident. She looses her face and became unrecognizable. After that she met with a transsexual guy in the hospital and the story goes on based on the discussion of marginal identities, beauty and life itself. His heavy language used in his books makes the reader more attentive and focused.

The system which we are living in (mostly capitalist system and its side effects) pushes us to become more and more materialist. The beauty and cosmetic sector, which is grown constantly vaccinates the idea that beauty and appearance  is the key of success and ultimate reason why we exist. We have the delusion that the perfect bodies may create perfect lives. Most of the world is drugged by the Tv shows, internet, and advertises upon the lie that money and beauty will give us power and happiness. But the reality is that we are going constantly unhappy by increasing the level of ambition. Today’s young professionals they are not only interested in filling their CVs by education but also they try to show that they are multi-task  and beautiful people. Hobbies are becoming  much more important than the real talents and specialization. Unlike the conventional wisdom, people who are trying to be successful in everything, they actually are good at anything at all. Buying power, and the possessions that they have, has started to define who they are.

Basically Palanhiuk talks about the illusion that we have about life and material life that we live mentioned above. Even it is going to disturb you time to time, I highly recommend to read his books to aware some facts, at least to think about about ourselves then to redefine the values that we built our lives.


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