Syria: On the edge of War

Yayınlandı: 05 Eylül 2013 / ARDA İŞ: Yazılarım

Fighting for peace, its like screwing for virginity said once George Carlin, one of the most reputable showmen in U.S.A.He passed away years ago but  Middle-East is always in a mess since we have known the history of the region. Tough it has been never so complicated… Arab Spring and its effects spread all around the Middle East. We can not say it succeeded in all aspects, but its effects and reflections found and has reached to the crowds. After 9/11 attacks to Trade Centers, we know that U.S created a terrorist perception to accuse Middle-East. Al-Queada and its extension in Afghanistan and of course Bin Ladin had been searching for over a decade to be captured. And finally he was captured dead after this long-run chase. But meanwhile U.S intervened Iraq, did make an invasion and changed the regime over there. This was all because the terrorists should have been killed and the threat must be destroyed. And so did… In 2008, Economic Crisis was shaking the world markets. Drop in shares, real estate chaos, and mortgage defaults… U.S exceeded its budget while fighting terrorism and Iraq. Obama administration took an absolute wreck after Bush. But like his predecessor, he would do something bigger something violent in order to increase its reputation, the first leg of this violence was Bin Ladin’s death, and second leg is just now playing in Syria. Even we put everything aside, all the conflict in Syria among its people and Assad, U.S force to intervene other Nations and United Nations in to Syria. What kind of benefits can we talk about in this position ? Oil, control of Middle East or benefits of Israel ? An Intervention may cause a domino effect and will be spread all around the region including Turkey ?And this time again, if States is wrong about using chemical weapons as they were in Iraq, what will be the position of Russia and China against U.S ?  Time will show us the answers or we will never know the realities once again, but there is one thing for sure: Only innocent people will lose in this war…

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